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We organise virtual and in person Wine Tastings for business and group events.

Raise to your employees and clients!

Answer just a few questions faster than you can uncork a bottle of wine & we’ll send you a some scrumptious tasting ideas on how to add some flavour to your upcoming corporate events.

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Virtual or In-person? Wine Tastings make your event memorable

Ready to spice up your next corporate event with a wine tasting extravaganza? Look no further than Tasting Experiences! We’re the experts in putting together top-notch corporate wine tastings.

Corporate wine tastings are the perfect opportunity to bring your colleagues and clients together for some serious bonding over a glass (or bottles) of vino.

We’ve got you covered whether you’re looking for a virtual or in-person tasting. No matter the size of your business, we’ve got the wine-tasting experience you’ve been searching for!

What type of tastings do we organise?

Virtual Wine Tastings

How does it work?

Get ready to wine and dine with your remote crew! Our corporate virtual wine tastings are the perfect way to treat your team and clients to something special.

We’ll send tasting packs straight to their doorstep, so all they have to do is sit back and sip.

Plus, with our international network of multilingual sommeliers and producers, we can make sure everyone gets a taste of the good stuff, no matter where they are. Just let us know your needs and we’ll find the perfect fit.

Before the event, we’ll send out an email with all the details and some tasty snack ideas to enjoy while sipping on the vino.

On the day of the event your guest connect with us on Zoom to enjoy a relaxed and participatory session tasting the wines we sent them along with the sommelier.

During the tasting, participants can chime in with comments and questions, or we can even liven things up with a fun game or a gamified quiz.

So why wait? Treat your crew to a corporate virtual wine tasting today!

In Person Gourmet Tasting · Tasting Experience

In-Person Wine Tastings

Make your event memorable.

Are you ready to break out of  Zoom meetings and have a real-life, face-to-face event? Look no further! Wine tastings are a fantastic way to make your business events unforgettable.

We can offer you a wide range of venues. From simple open space to a cozy loft, a villa with outdoor space, a private space in a restaurant or an elegant conference space.

If you’ve already got a venue lined up, we’ll happily come to you with our top-notch sommelier and host the tasting to your chosen location, we’ll bring all the gear.

In-person tasting events are perfect for breaking the ice, team-building, engaging with clients, launching products, celebrating milestones, and more.

Don’t hesitate, talk to one of our specialised event planners today and let us create the perfect solution for your corporate event!