Tims Atkin’s Record Breaking Rioja Report 2023

Tim Atkin's Rioja Report 2023 · Tasting Experience

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The eighth edition of the report holds the largest number of Riojas with 95 points or more to date, with 124 wines on the podium.

Tim Atkin, the renowned British Master of Wine, journalist and prescriber, presented today his “Rioja 2023 Special Report”, the eighth annual monographic report on the Denomination of Origin Rioja, within the framework of the Barcelona Wine Week, one of the most prestigious Spanish quality wine fairs with the most international reach.

Atkin’s publication, which analyzes the quality and characteristics of wines, has rated a whopping 975 Rioja wines above 90 points (11 more wines than in the previous report) and up to 124 with 95 points or more (14 more wines compared to 2022). The report also points out a significant number of Rioja wines that reach 97 points (ten in total), 98 points (six), and 99 (two). “There are very few regions in the world that produce world-class reds and whites, and Rioja is one of them,” the expert declared.

These evaluations solidify Rioja as a reference region at a national and international level for the quality and diversity of its wines. According to the Master of Wine, “Rioja is making the best reds and whites of its history”.

In fact, for the first time, a Rioja red has been rated with 100 points, the highest classification in Atkin’s reports. This is 2020 Artuke la Condenada, from Bodegas Artuke, an elegant wine that perfectly defines the essence of Rioja.

The report confirms that Rioja is the region with the largest number of wines rated with 90 points or more, and with 95 points or more, and this marks “a record among the wines of this year”, says Atkin.

To produce this report, the expert once again had the opportunity to taste a wide variety of Rioja wines, 1,493 in total, from 295 wineries, visiting 133 in situ during his visit to Rioja last October; undoubtedly an exhaustive immersion in the Qualified Denomination of Origin over 20 days covering its 100 kilometers of diversity.

Atkin assures that what has surprised him most this year is “the appearance of a new and exciting generation of producers,” as well as the increasing number of wines that are expressions of the great diversity of soils in Rioja. “Diversity and quality are at their highest. Rioja whites are some of the hidden treasures of Spain.”

The complete report has been published on his website, www.timatkin.com, and includes evaluations and notes, as well as recognition of Rioja winemakers or winemakers who Atkin considers to be the outstanding experts of the Denomination in the last year.

Here are some of the highlights:

“Winemaker of the Year” Marcos Eguren, Sierra Cantabria

“Young Winemaker of the Year” Carlos Mazo, Vinos en Voz Baja

Legendary Winemaker Matías Calleja, Beronia

Cooperative Winery Tarón

Viticulturist of the Year Rubén Jiménez, Amaren/Luis Cañas

Best Wine Tourism Experience Valdelana Wineries

Red Wine of the Year La Condenada 2020, Artuke

White Wine of the Year Viña Tondonia Reserva 2012, López de Heredia

Rosé Wine of the Year 200 Monges Reserva 2018, Vinícola Real

Sparkling Wine of the Year Finca Alto Cantabria Brut Nature, Valdemar

Sweet Wine of the Year 200 Monges Vendimia de Invierno Esencia 2013, Vinícola Real

Red Wine Discovery of the Year Los Montes Bellos de Buradón 2021, Carlos Sánchez

White Wine Discovery of the Year Corona Gran Reserva 2015, CVNE

Rosé Wine Discovery of the Year La Marciana 2021, Navarrosotillo

Best Value Red Wine Heredad de Berganzo 2021 Joven, Bello Berganzo

Best Value White Wine Solana de Ramírez Blanco 2021

Best Value Rosé Wine De Boca en Boca 2021, San Cebrín

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