A Toast to Women in Wine · Spanish Wine Selection

We have created this selection because it’s time to raise a glass to the women making waves in the world of wine! These three trailblazers are at the forefront of the industry, producing some of the most delicious and unique wines.

The selection includes:

1. “Phinca Hapa 2020” by Melanie Hickman
White Rioja Alavesa. Blend of Viura, Garnacha Blanca and Malvasía
2. “Barbarot” by Barbara Palacios
Red Rioja Oriental. Blend of Tempranillo and Merlot
3. “Maturana Ánfora” by Elena Corzana
Red Rioja. Maturana

So why wait? Treat yourself to this exclusive selection and show your support for women in wine today!


Celebrate the women revolutionising the world of wine with our fantastic trio of wines made by female winemakers!

1. Phinca Hapa Blanco 2020 by Melanie Hickman
This bright and vibrant white wine dances on your palate with juicy notes of citrus and green apples. Melanie’s approach to winemaking is to let the grapes speak for themselves, using minimal intervention to produce truly unique wines. The Phinca Hapa Blanco is crafted using the traditional wine making method of fermenting the grapes in stainless steel tanks, preserving their fresh and crisp character.

2. Barbarot by Barbara Palacios
This bold and lively red wine will awaken your senses with its rich flavors of dark fruits and a touch of vanilla, making it the perfect choice for any occasion. Barbara’s innovative winemaking techniques, such as using a combination of oak barrel and stainless steel tank aging, have resulted in a wine that is both bold and accessible. The Barbarot is sure to deliver an unforgettable experience, whether you’re looking to impress your guests at a dinner party or just enjoy a glass on your own.

3. Maturana Ánfora by Elena Corzana
Maturana Anfora is a rich and flavoured red wine crafted by the talented winemaker Elena Corzana. This wine is made from the Maturana minority grape of Rioja, native from Navarrete, hometown of Elena. The grapes are fermented in local clay amphorae, a traditional winemaking technique that imparts a unique earthy flavor and roudness to the wine.

Maturana Anfora is a deeply layered wine with notes of violets, black fruit and spices. On the palate, it is smooth and silky, with a long and complex finish that leaves a pleasant and satisfying aftertaste.

Pair this wine with rich and flavorful dishes such as roasted beef, grilled lamb chops, or hearty stews. It also goes well with strong and flavorful cheeses like Manchego or Roquefort.

Maturana Anfora is a perfect representation of the quality and new wave of Rioja wine and the skills of winemaker Elena Corzana. Enjoy a glass of this delicious wine and experience a piece of Rioja’s rich wine-making heritage.

So, raise a glass to these talented women in the world of wine and their innovative winemaking techniques. Enjoy a taste of their passion, expertise, and artistry with each sip.


pairing suggestions for each of these wines:

Phinca Hapa Blanco 2020 By Melanie Hickman: This bright and refreshing white wine is a perfect match for light and fresh dishes. Try pairing it with seafood dishes like grilled shrimp or baked salmon, or with salads and vegetable-based dishes like a mixed greens salad or a caprese salad.

Barbarot by Barbara Palacios: This bold and lively red wine is perfect for dishes with bold and intense flavors. Try pairing it with spicy foods like Mexican or Thai cuisine, or with bold and flavorful meat dishes like barbecued ribs or slow-roasted pork shoulder. The Barbarot is also a great match for bold and rich desserts like dark chocolate cake or flourless chocolate truffle cake.

Maturana Anfora by Elena Corzana: is a full-bodied red wine that pairs well with rich, flavorful dishes. For a delicious meal, try pairing it with slow-roasted beef with herbs and garlic, grilled lamb chops with rosemary and mint, or a hearty beef or venison stew with root vegetables. The smoky and earthy flavors of the wine complement the caramelized flavors in the meat, creating a harmonious and satisfying experience. Enjoy a glass of this delicious wine and let it enhance the flavors in your meal.

So, whether you’re looking to pair your wine with a light and refreshing dish or a bold and flavorful meal, these wines offer the perfect pairing options to suit your taste.

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