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Come with us to … – EVENT DESCRIPTION -.  Join our master cocktail maker who will take you to XXXXXXX
Connect with us the 12 October, 2023 at 17:00 GMT. See the event agenda here below:

4.00pm – Introduction by ….

4.15pm –  15-minute focus group to 

4.30pm – 6.00pm – GIN TONIC MASTERCLASS


Your tasting kit

1. You will receive a tasting kit delivered to your door

In your tasting pack you will find XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

This includes:


The cheeses are:


2. How to store the wine & cheese

The wines:

Keep the white and rose wines in the refrigerator. Store the red wine in a cool, dark and dry cupboard. If you have a wine cellar even better!

The cheese:

Keep your cheeses refrigerated until 30 minutes before the event.

Find more info on how to store your products HERE.



virtual chcolate tasting smelling chocolate

3. Get ready for your tasting

Apart from the wines and cheeses you received, you will need the following:

· Three wine glasses
· A glass of water
· Bread or crackers
· Corkscrew
· A white napkin or a white paper sheet
· A plate and knife

Just before the session

· Take the cheese out from the fridge 30 minutes before the tasting session to taste them at room temperature.
· Open your wines
· Keep the white in the fridge until the session if you can.

Important! Do not clean your teeth just before the session, the toothpaste will change the taste of your wines!

Please find a comfortable seat in a smoke free environment to relax and enjoy the tastes.

During the session

You will be able to discover and pair XXXXXXXXXXX

We will learn how to taste them an pair them to delve into all the aromas and taste.

It will be an interactive session, feel free to comment and ask questions if you wish to do so.

We will use our smartphones to connect to Quizziz and participate in the gamified quiz, there will be three amazing prizes for the winners!

¿Ready to taste?

Find the link to connect here below

virtual tasting experiences

Ready to discover a world of taste?