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"Clash of the Titans" Wine Virtual Tasting

Example text: Embark on a thrilling virtual chocolate journey celebrating artisan chocolate and small cocoa communities. 

You’ll receive a tasting kit at your door and connect online with Helen, our chocolate expert. Dive into the ‘bean-to-bar’ process, discover chocolate tasting and enjoy a relaxed super tasty session. 

Relax with us, open your taste buds and join the chocolate revolution!
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Follow the instructions below

Your tasting kit

1. You will receive the tasting kit delivered to your door

In your tasting pack you will find amazing bean-to-bar chocolates.

This includes:

.1  Artisan white
.1 México Soconusco 
.1 Dark bean-to-bar
.1 Specialty Dark Milk


Please make sure you are the provided address or give us delivery instructions. 

2. How to store the chocolates

Store the chocolates in a cool, dark and dry cupboard.

If you have a wine cellar even better! Treat your chocolates as a red wine, they don’t really like fridges!

Find more instructions  HERE.

3. Get ready for your tasting

Apart from the amazing, artisan chocolates you have received, you will need the following:

· A glass of water
· A white napkin or a white paper sheet
· Plain crackers or bread

Just before the session

Prepare the chocolates next to you.

Important! Do not clean your teeth just before the session, the toothpaste will change the taste of your chocolates!

Please find a comfortable seat in a smoke free environment to relax and enjoy the tastes.

During the session

We will learn how to taste chocolate to delve into all the aromas and taste.

You will discover the bean-to-bar movement and the work of small cocoa beans producers

It will be an interactive session, feel free to comment and ask questions if you wish to do so.

¿Ready to taste?

Find the link to connect here below

Ready to discover a world of taste?


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