Virtual Tasting: "Around the World in a Coffee Cup"

Thursday 8th February, 9 am CET

coffee tasting speciality

Welcome to our exquisite specialty coffee tasting experience featuring a diverse array of origins! Join us on a sensory journey through three unique single-origin coffees, each transporting you to remote landscapes and captivating ecosystems around the world.

Our guide will lead you through aromas and flavors, exploring the richness of specialty coffee beans. Discover different coffee processes, sourced from various special origins, all sourced from sustainable projects supporting local communities.

You will be able to prepare your own speciality coffee using a simple method called drip bags.

Join us on this exciting journey through the flavors of specialty coffee, where each cup tells a unique story and reveals the art and passion behind every bean. Welcome to the coffee revolution!

Next steps:

1. You have received your pack

In your tasting pack you have six types of speciality coffees from different origins and roasters.

1. Hidden Flamingo , Brasil 
2. Hidden Kibobo, Kenia
3. Café de Finca Santa Elena, Honduras
4. Café de Finca Santa Cecilia, Brasil
5. The Miners, Ethiopia
6. Brew Coffee, Ethiopia

Each of these coffees offers a unique and distinct tasting experience. 

2. Storage

Keep the coffee in a cool, dark, and dry place. Treat your coffee as if it were wine, but do not refrigerate it!

3. What you need

In addition to the incredible coffees you have received, you will need the following:

  •  Three cups of the same size, best if the size of the cup is 200 ml approx.
  • A kettle with boiling water. We will boil the water during the session, make sure you can plug in your kettle.
  • An extra cup for the used drip bags.
  • A spoon.
  • A glass of water.

4. How to get ready for the tasting

  • Lay all the coffee bags on the table ready to be used
  • Prepare some boiling water
  • Important! Do not brush your teeth just before the session, toothpaste will alter the taste of the coffee!
  • Also, avoid chewing gum or mint candies.
  • Find a comfortable place in a smoke-free environment to fully enjoy the aromas.
  • Enjoy the exploration of flavors, and feel free to take notes on the aromas, textures, and nuances that you discover during the tasting.

Meet your host


Ivana Oven is a passionate chocolate and coffee expert with more than 10 years of experience in the fascinating world of bean to bar chocolate and speciality coffee. Her journey began in Slovenia and since then she has played prominent roles as a taster and ambassador for various brands, always with a focus on speciality chocolate and coffee that is ethically and sustainably produced.

She has hosted chocolate and coffee tastings, virtual and in-person, since the beginning of Tasting Experiences. Her true passion lies in teaching how to discover flavours while promoting an ethical way of production and purchasing, supporting the high-quality work of small communities.

Ivana Oven is a benchmark for its conscious approach to the  industry, fusing sensory pleasure with social responsibility in a delicious way.

Enjoy your tasting!



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