About us

Our first steps

We’re a team that’s always been passionate about quality food and drink.  Our professional foodie journey started with owning and running restaurants. However, when the COVID pandemic hit back in 2020, we decided to share our love of food even more by setting up Tasting IN.  Tasting IN is a website that connects businesses & foodies via virtual tastings of delicious treats like wine, chocolate, cheese, beer, and ham. 

At first, we were connecting sommeliers and producers with B2C clients.  But as 2020 progressed we became very busy with organising tastings for businesses around the world.  Since then we have shared the universal love of food and drink with tens of thousands of people in dozens of countries. And we’ve created an international network of multilingual food & drink experts so we can reach your clients and employees wherever they are.

Food is more than just fuel to us – it’s an experience to be savored and enjoyed. Through Tasting IN, we’ve been able to share the stories behind the food we love and spotlight the passion of the producers and experts who create it. We’ve had the opportunity to explore food culture from all around the world

tasting in logo
virtual beer tasting event screenshot from teams

Virtual tastings existed before lockdowns but there was a boom of demand from companies looking for alternative ways to meet up with their teams and clients in 2020-2021.

Whilst we were enjoying organising so many virtual events (and getting the chance to try so much delicious produce) we also picked up a couple of business prizes and some amazing customer feedback along the way.

When the restrictions started to ease we expected that companies would perhaps lose interest in virtual tastings.  However, we were happy to see that companies had found a new way to connect their remote teams and international clients and wanted to keep connecting and tasting online.

However, we also started to see a demand for more hybrid tasting events and face-to-face tastings events

Tasting IN becomes Tasting Experiences

It became clear that our clients were asking for different ways to experience tastings.  To reflect these changes we decided to rebrand from TastingIN to Tasting Experiences.  We’ also redesigned the website to make things smoother and clearer for our existing clients and new clients.  Welcome to Tasting Experiences.

tastingin_tasting experiences rebranding